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    NEW! 12 Best Free Coming Soon Template (Updated List)

    Last Update: 24 Jul, 2022

    Coming Soon Template
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    “Coming soon” represents something that is not available right now but will be in the future. In the same way, the “coming soon” page in a website means that this specific page will be live soon. Formally, a coming soon website template is a temporary landing page on the website for a certain period.

    If a website is new, it is good to say something exciting or give hints about upcoming projects on their coming soon or under construction landing page.

    On the other hand, for old websites, it is a good practice to use a subscription form on the template to avoid losing both old and new visitors. 

    In this article, we will talk about some of the best free coming soon templates available on the internet. The listing is done randomly because it is hard to tell which one is the best free coming soon template and which one isn’t.

    What is a Coming Soon Page?

    Coming soon page is just like another landing page of a website with no content because the content is in the process and will be uploaded soon.

    To create hype among visitors website owners create a coming soon page. There are two important elements you should add to your under-construction page.

    One thing is your sign-up form and the other thing is you should include your social media account on your coming soon page. You can also include their other information and details.

    In WordPress, WordPress Plugins help you to include the coming soon page easily. Who are using HTML website templates, this will be of great help for coming soon page templates.

    Moreover, one page is under construction and another page is still working. Then you can provide an alternate page link. So that people can find you easily.

    How To Choose the Best Free Coming Soon Template?

    There isn’t any fixed way of choosing the best coming soon template for your website. But you can always look at some parameters and factors while choosing a coming soon template.

    It is more important when you are choosing a free one. Because you don’t want to install a heavy theme and then pay developers for installing speed optimization plugins.

    In this article, we will be talking about and listing both WordPress and HTML templates. 

    It is important to choose a coming soon website template which is lightweight and easy to handle. There are few things that top coming soon page templates should have. They are:

    1. Countdown Timer: Countdown timer is a must in a coming soon page template. It creates an invisible hype in the visitor’s mind.
    2. Responsive Template: The chosen template must be a responsive one. 
    3. “Notify Me” Button: It helps to notify old or new visitor’s about product/website launching. 
    4. Fullscreen Slideshow: Slideshow always attracts people. 
    5. Video Background: Certain videos as background. 
    6. Social Media Buttons: Inviting users and visitors to subscribe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 
    7. Drag & Drop Page Builder: It is important to have an easily customizable template to work with ease.
    8. Contact Form: For lead generation. So that you don’t need to install another contact form plugin.
    9. A little bit of Summary: It could be your company’s description or your bio.

    The coming soon page must serve one single purpose. It should be user-friendly, easily customizable, and fully responsive. Besides, it should look perfect on different devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.

    List of Free Coming Soon Template

    If you are in this part of the article, you have an idea of what is a coming soon page and how to choose the best coming soon page templates for your website. All the templates will be completely free to download. So, themes like Divi, Jupiter, Enfold, etc. won’t be on the list.

    We did our own research to find the 12 best Coming Soon Templates for your website.

    1. CMP – Coming Soon and Maintenance
    2. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode
    3. SeedProd
    4. WP Maintenance Mode
    5. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode
    6. IgniteUp
    7. Coming Soon Template
    8. Coming Sssoon Page
    9. Soon – Under Construction Template
    10. Creativo Free Responsive Website Template
    11. Coming Soon Responsive Theme – Jack
    12. Discover Bootstrap Coming Soon Template

    WordPress themes have a loaded subcategory of free coming soon pages. There is also a huge number of free coming soon HTML templates available on the internet. Let’s look at some of the best free coming soon templates for both WordPress and HTML sites.

    CMP - Coming Soon and Maintenance

    CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance is one of the most popular free plugins with coming soon page templates. The user interface of the plugin is super friendly and very much easy to use.

    With more than 10000+ active installations CMP is a choice of many website owners and developers. You can activate maintenance, coming soon or under construction, landing page within a single click with this plugin.

    You can customize your coming soon page template with this plugin. Apart from all the features, you can generate a bypass URL to let your visitors see the construction page.

    Download Here:

    Category: WordPress

    1. Nifty

    Nifty Coming Soon

    Nifty is an easy-to-handle coming soon template or WordPress maintenance mode plugin. Since it is so light, it allows you to set up responsive and light coming soon website pages.

    It is compatible with most of the premium and free WordPress themes available on the market. Nifty is free, but it goes perfectly with the top premium and mega themes out there. 

    Nifty comes with more than 300+ google fonts and sliders as backgrounds. There is a countdown timer included with the Mailchimp subscription form. All of the features and coming soon website template is completely free.

    Download Here:

    Category: WordPress

    3. SeedProd

    SeedProd Coming Soon Template

    SeedProd is arguably one of the best and most popular WordPress page builder plugins. They claim to be the most powerful and user-friendly landing page builder in the whole market.

    SeedProd comes with built-in under construction, 404 error, and coming soon page templates. With this plugin, you can also build your custom coming soon template for free. 

    It has a “drag & drop” feature to help you customize and design the coming soon page easily and effectively. The plugin is mobile-friendly and fast too so that you don’t need to worry about your page speed.

    With more than 100,000 active installations, SeedProd is selling like hotcakes on the market.

    Download Here:

    Premium Subscription:

    Category: WordPress

    4. WP Maintenance Mode

    WP Maintenance Mode

    WP Maintenance is another under construction, maintenance, and coming soon website plugin. It helps WordPress sites to generate responsive coming soon page templates.

    It is a free coming soon or maintenance plugin which comes with very decent and effective features. 

    WP Maintenance Mode lets you add a countdown clock, subscription form, and a lot of cool things on the coming soon page. It is compatible with any WordPress theme out there.

    Besides, it also works in WordPress multisite installs meaning that each blog from the website gets maintenance settings.

    Download Here:

    Category: WordPress

    5. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

    Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

    Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin gives you authority to create and design your own coming soon page, maintenance page, and landing page for your WordPress site.

    It is super user-friendly and easy to use. With this great plugin, you can create a perfect coming soon page in just 5 minutes.

    It also comes with an option to customize your own coming soon page templates for free. Moreover, it works with each and every theme out there despite the size of the website.

    With highly customizable options you can easily change and modify details on your coming soon page as per your requirement.

    Download Here:

    Category: WordPress

    6. IgniteUp

    IgniteUp Coming Soon

    IgniteUp comes with simple yet top customizable coming soon templates for your WordPress site. It has 7 best coming soon page examples on the free version.

    It is highly doable with almost every WordPress Theme. It has cool features and customizable options to create and customize landing pages within a minute.

    Also, it comes with 100% mobile usability, email forms, 503 response codes to notify search engines that your website is down.

    It shows yours under construction, maintenance, or coming soon website to certain users by sharing a secret URL or by whitelisting their IP addresses.

    Download Here:

    Category: WordPress

    7. Coming Soon template

    Coming Soon template

    This beautiful free HTML coming soon template is based on the Bootstrap framework. It features a full-width image background with modern typography and a call to action(CTA) button at the center of the coming soon page. This template displays great on every screen and has a great response rate too.

    The template is coded lightweight to make sure everybody understands. It is full of font-awesome icons to help you easily change the social icon you prefer.

    There is a “Notify Me” button at the center of the page to help you create a mailing list of your users and visitors.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML

    8. Coming Sssoon Page

    Coming Sssoon Page

    This is a bootstrap-based one-page coming soon website template that offers 4 different eye-catching designs. 

    The main idea behind the Coming Sssonn Page is usability and easy customizability. This is a coming soon HTML template but there is a WordPress version too. You can easily migrate it to your WordPress site too.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML, WordPress

    9. Soon – Under Construction Template

    Soon – Under Construction Template

    Soon is a light under construction or coming soon template. It does pretty much the same job as all “coming soon” templates do, notifying visitors and users that your site is under construction or something new is coming.

    Soon is a cross-browser compatible template that is created using Bootstrap framework, it uses the best practices of HTML5 and CSS. And this makes it a responsive website template.

    A countdown timer, subscription form, and contact form are included along with more other features on this beautiful template. The best thing about the template is that it comes free.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML

    10. Creativo Free Responsive Website Template

    Creativo Free Responsive Website Template

    The Creativo Free Responsive Website Template is a free HTML coming soon template. It will let your customers know that you are preparing to launch something new and exciting.

    This kind of template always creates hype for the customers. It is a lightweight classic template that comes with a countdown timer, subscription button, and contact form as well.

    The styling of the template is creative with a retro-vibe layout and a simple design. This template can be used in different industries and is completely customizable.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML

    11. Coming Soon Responsive Theme – Jack

    Coming Soon Responsive Theme – Jack

    Jack is a simple and responsive coming soon theme. It is a lightweight theme that is web compatible with multi-devices and sites. It comes with multiple coming soon page templates.

    You can download this coming soon HTML free from the internet. It also comes with unlimited background colors. 

    There is a countdown timer, contact form, portfolio, and font awesome icons in this theme. The countdown timer is powered by a custom jQuery plugin to set your launching/opening date.

    This comes with HTML templates and is made with the Twitter Bootstrap 3.11 framework.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML

    12. Discover Bootstrap Coming Soon Template

    Discover Bootstrap Coming Soon Template

    This free bootstrap coming soon template is an excellent landing page for your new and upcoming projects. With the help of this template, you can easily state your upcoming project goals and take the client feedback. This template has also an interactive slider with a working contact form.

    The coming soon HTML template is made with the latest Bootstrap framework and you can download it for free.

    The template has a responsive design and is easily compatible with all major devices such as mobile, pc, laptop, tablet, etc. It is a single-page template that comes with a jQuery counter, background slider, FontAwesome icons, Valid HTML, contact form with a clean, flat, and light design.

    Download Here:

    Category: HTML

    Final Word

    In this article, we not only just talked about free coming soon templates but also about the method of choosing the best template for your WordPress or HTML site.

    Our list has some of the best templates available for free on the internet. All templates are heavily flexible and customizable.

    Most of the templates are made with the latest coding framework that meets industry requirements and standards. So, you don’t have to worry about performance at all.

    If you are a beginner and want to learn WordPress development, you can learn WordPress Basics with us.

    These are the free solutions, but if you want to buy premium solutions to create a coming soon page template you can visit marketplaces like ThemeForest and Elegant Themes.