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    Divi Theme Review: No. 1 Selling WordPress Theme

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    Divi WordPress Theme
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    Divi is currently one of the hottest and most popular WordPress themes on the market. It is one of the leading WordPress themes and has been around for many years because of its combos pack Divi Theme & Divi Page Builder. In this Divi theme review, we will go through overall features to see what all the fuss is about. In this time, you can have a look at the Intro video of Divi 3.0 below.

    About Divi:

    Divi is the latest theme from Elegant Themes. It is not just a theme at all, it is a combos pack of 87 themes and 3 plugins, which make Divi unique. The most attractive part of Divi is its page builder. Divi Page Builder is the most advanced page builder for WordPress that I have ever used.
    One thing that most of the people don’t know about Divi is – you can only use the Divi Theme with the Divi Builder, but you can use the Divi Builder with any WordPress theme.

    Design and Style:

    Divi is one of the top multipurpose WordPress themes you can get today because of its attractive design and range of features that have attracted a lot of attention since its release. This theme incorporates both a beautiful widescreen design and a ton of functionality.

    Divi has improved its user interface day by day, therefore the theme options and control panel are now much more powerful. With Divi settings and theme options, you can quickly do what you want to do, let’s assume – choose a new color palette, upload a logo for your website, decide how many posts are displayed on a page, and much more.

    Divi Features:

    Both in terms of features and appearance, Divi is really a great WordPress theme. It has been proved that Divi is appropriate for optimizing everything, from search engines to security to performance & speed. This powerful WordPress theme has been translated into 32 languages. it also supports right-to-left languages. Let’s have a look at the major features of Divi in a nutshell.

    Predefined Templates: Divi has 87 themes in total to choose from, 40 content modules that can be added to your posts or pages and 30 feature sample layouts to make use properly.

    Performance: While we test the performance in GTmetrix, we got a 94% page speed of the Divi theme. It is ideal for the non-tech savvy online entrepreneur. It provides an incredible out of the box experience upon activation. Considering its ease of use, Divi would be best for anyone who uses WordPress.

    SEO Friendly: Having gone through its code has confirmed that it is SEO Friendly for your WordPress site.

    Page Builder: Divi Builder is an absolutely flexible tool that can be used for any web project powered by WordPress. You can move any sections and modules easily and switch positions to meet your desired requirements.

    Elements: If you’re searching for a WordPress theme with tons of functionality, Divi should definitely be around the top of your shortlist. Apart from adding modules, you can also add your own personal touch to it and add CSS to modify the module’s appearance.

    eCommerce Support: Divi is Compatible with WooCommerce. Beside support eCommerce functionality Divi is ensuring security also. Any revenue generating website or high traffic website such as eCommerce needs to be genuinely concerned with security. And Divi does not disappoint.

    Theme Options: Divi comes to you with the customization theme options, from here you can change every single notch of your website – the navigation, color, fonts, background image, widgets and what not??

    Premium Plugins:

    While you purchasing a membership from Divi you will get 3 premium plugins included with it.
    The Divi Builder (a stand-alone Drag & Drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme), Monarch Social Media Sharing (the best social sharing plugin for WordPress), and
    Bloom Email Opt-Ins (the ultimate email opt-in plugin for WordPress).

    Documentation and Support:

    Elegant Themes have a well-trained staff of professionals who are available to help with your theme questions. After purchasing the membership you will get the complete access of their awesome support team, support forums, and the extensive documentation.

    Overall Score:

    We would like to give Divi overall 5 out of 5 according to the following criteria:

    Ease Of Use

    Final Thoughts:

    While the design of Divi looks very clean and modern, the page builder and the pre-built layouts make it very easy to set up and build a very attractive website in almost no time at all. So, If you’re looking for a stylish WordPress theme that you can customize in almost every way, Divi could be the theme for you.