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    ThemeForest Review: Best Solution For Buying Premium Themes

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    Who doesn’t know the importance of a Theme for a website? A Theme is the second vital aspect that is required after you’re done with Domain and Hosting. Searching for the best theme according to your business may be a tedious task. Many website owners purchase Themes without verifying the quality and we can’t blame them for this.

    A website owner always has hundreds of tasks to complete in a day. Where is the time to judge the quality before buying a theme? However, as a business owner if you have a WordPress website, then you are in luck. You don’t need to develop your website from the base- there are millions of ready-made themes and templates out there with built-in tools and features.

    Of the millions of Themes, you can use one for the basic design and functionality of your website. However, not all the Themes are created equally by maintaining their quality. You will find both free and paid themes in the market. But how will you differentiate the quality between a fee and a premium theme?

    Well, I have a solution for you. Before purchasing a free or paid theme from any marketplace, read this article. The article is going to cover the quality and benefits of a top theme marketplace. ThemeForest – one of the leading, most popular and largest marketplace to buy the best Themes for your website. Let’s have a look at ThemeForest’s review.

    About ThemeForest

    While creating a website, a theme is one of the most important material as it is responsible for not only a website’s attractive design and style but often the flexibility and functionality as well. A theme is the most important thing through which you can highlight your business online.

    Most of the time, Theme plays a significant role to create trust and reliability in customer’s minds. So you should not take the decision lightly when you are going to purchase a Theme from any marketplace. And when it comes to the unbeatable and affordable marketplace, ThemeForest is the only platform that is currently dominating the whole marketplace.

    ThemeForest was launched in 2008, with a mission to serve the website owners with functionality and quality themes. With over 42K themes and templates, the platform is actually the part of the Envato markets family.

    Envato is the only marketplace that collaborates all the aspects of a website, including Coding, video, audio, graphics, photos, and even 3D files. Each of the aspects has a well-known brand. Such as, CodeCanyon is specialized for Coding while GraphicRiver is popular for its dazzling graphics work.

    Personally, I prefer ThemeForest more than the other platforms for their integrity and incredibility. Most of their Themes are very gorgeous and nice looking, I must admit it. Their designs are just right out of the box. No matter how weird your niche is, they have created a mind-blowing theme for all the peculiar businesses.

    How To Choose The Best Theme On ThemeForest

    ThemeForest connects you to the largest community of creativity across the world. They are uploading more and more updated and functional themes every day. The platform offers you a bunch of themes and templates for the business of every aspect.

    At ThemeForest, you can purchase a theme starts at only $2. They have themes for WordPress, hosted website, HTML, CMS, Marketing, eCommerce, UI Design, Muse, Plugins and more. Choosing the right theme among the thousands of items for your website is tough. Here’s how you can purchase a suitable template for your website and save hours.

    WordPress Themes

    Themeforest WordPress Themes

    Let’s start with WordPress Themes. If you are launching a new WordPress website, then choosing an ideal Theme for your business is a very important task.

    At ThemeForest, you will find more than 11K themes, templates, and features. Simply, you will be overwhelmed with the items listed on ThemeForest. But there is nothing to be worried about. The platform allows you to narrow down the list according to your requirements.

    Themeforest WordPress Themes Categories

    You can easily filter and refine the search result. From the category option, select the category that matches your website. If you are a business owner and provide IT solutions to the customers, simply select the “Technology” option. The search result will be filtered for only those Themes that are created for the IT solution or a service website.

    Themeforest WordPress Themes Tags

    If you are more specific to your business, select any of the options from the “Tag” button. Simply “check” on the item that represents your business more specifically.

    Themeforest WordPress Themes Price

    In the pricing box, input your estimated budget for purchasing a theme. Generally, WordPress Themes range between $21-$99.

    ThemeForest promises you to give the best item at an affordable price. If you are a beginner with a limited budget, it will be better for you to purchase a Theme at the minimum price. It’s not as if the price is low, the quality will be poor.

    Actually, the price depends on the available features, built-in tools, plugins, extensions, updates and customer support with the theme. Every theme on the platform is managed by third-party individuals. So you don’t need to be worried about purchasing the Themes. You won’t get this advantage in the other marketplaces.

    The themes on the other marketplaces are totally managed by the main support team and they have to manage all the issues every day. So there is a possibility of getting your answer late if you have any problem with the purchased item. Such an incident never happens at ThemeForest. Each of the themes has different owners and they are dedicated to assisting their clients once after a sale is done.

    If you can’t be sure of purchasing a Theme according to your niche, choose any item among the highest sold Theme.

    Themeforest WordPress Themes Rating

    Every theme in the marketplace has an average rating based on customer reviews. The rating is the most important aspect through which you can quickly measure a theme’s quality. A top-rated template is not the only thing you should star at, but it is a great item to get started. Check on the expected rate option to look at the best items.

    Things online are being updated every single day. New functional things are coming up and the old ones are going extinct. Users nowadays expect to get more functional and flexible features while browsing the internet. Newly designed themes at ThemeForest are more functional and user-friendly so a user can experience the best. From the “Date Added” option, you can look for the updated items. Using the latest Template on your website, you can surprise the customer with unexpected features.

    Themeforest WordPress Themes Compatible With

    As mentioned earlier, most of the themes at ThemeForest come with various built-in features. For example, if you have an online business and you choose WordPress to build your website, then you must select the WordPress theme that is built-in with e-commerce store features.

    In the above image, if you select Woocommerce, then you will see the listed Themes that are compatible with the WordPress e-commerce website. Purchasing the built-in Woocommerce theme, you don’t need to install additional tools or plugins. You will get a ready-made online store where you just need to list your products and/or services.

    Themeforest Search Form

    If you are unable to find the right item that meets all your criteria, you can “search” with your keyword. ThemeForest will certainly find the best relevant items according to the keyword.

    Don’t think you are done just after narrowing the list using all the options. Still, you need to review many more things. Don’t get confused by the outside glazing of a theme. If a theme looks stunning, go through it and check the “Live Preview” and make sure it fits into your business.

    Check the available theme features and the previous customer’s comments. From the comments, you can learn the advantages and the possible issues of the Theme. If everything is okay including the price, now it’s time to buy the item.

    Besides WordPress themes, the platform has plenty of themes available for e-commerce, blogging, marketing, and corporate business. If you find any issue after purchasing a theme, the author will provide free after-sale support.

    With ThemeForest, one thing is guaranteed quality. Envato has a professional QA team to maintain the quality of the listed themes. The theme that is poorly developed will never be allowed. Even if you are going to buy a theme that anyone didn’t purchase yet, you can be sure about purchasing as the QA team already reviewed the features.

    I always like the multi-purpose Themes and highly versatile features with an unlimited number of customization capabilities. Luckily, ThemeForest offers a wide range of items including a number of different fonts, colors, and layout options so you can easily go with the appearance that represents your brand the best.

    With plenty of customization options, you can build different websites, suitable for any purpose.

    Best Selling 5 Themes at ThemeForest

    Still, confused about which item to purchase? I would recommend looking at the top 5 Themes of the marketplace. These are the themes that have already made thousands of sales and the customers are satisfied enough to recommend them.

    This doesn’t mean that the Themes are the best at ThemeForest and necessarily the most perfect for your website. But their abundance of functionality, stylish designs, and innovative features placed them in superior positions.

    Almost all the top-selling themes are multipurpose and all of them come to create multiple layers, various built-in functionalities and massive customization options where they’re multifaceted enough to fit into any niche.

    Avada Theme

    Avada WordPress Theme

    The responsive multipurpose theme has made 435K+ sales on ThemeForest. Avada theme owned by ThemeFusion. The Theme costs only $60 and favorite to the developers and freelancers.

    X Theme

    X WordPress Theme

    X theme is less expensive than Avada- only $58. ThemeCo owns the Theme and they have made 188K+ sales with it.

    Enfold Theme

    Enfold WordPress Theme

    The popular Enfold theme has succeeded to make 160K+ sales to date. Kriesi currently owns the Theme and always keeps updating. You have to spend $59 to use the theme is your website.


    Be WordPress Theme

    BeThemes has surprisingly made 120K+ sales in just 6 years. The theme is compatible with plenty of features and updated software versions. Muffin group set the price at $59 to purchase the item.

    The7 Themes

    The7 WordPress Theme

    The7 theme has the lowest price among the top 5 Themes. They have been in the field for over 7 years successfully doing their job. Dream-Theme has ownership of the Theme and they made 117,211 sales. The item costs only $39.

    Final Thoughts On ThemeForest

    If you are hunting for WordPress themes and the best plugins, ThemeForest will be the right choice. The platform is well-crafted with beautiful themes and I should admit there’s really something for every individual.