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    10 Best Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins in Nov’2021

    Last Update: 29 Nov, 2021

    WordPress Affiliate Plugins
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    Today I am writing about the best free affiliate plugins for WordPress.

    Are you an affiliate marketer? Or wanna try to make money online by affiliate marketing? If so, you have to make a website for yourself. And when you start building a website, you have to know about CMS, which stands for Content Management System.

    There are so many content management systems in the world. From them, WordPress is the most popular CMS. We have written this content in it before.

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    It’s a fantastic means by which an affiliate earns money (commission) by affiliation for other products or other companies (basically their products). Affiliate marketers usually target a product to promote it for sale to the targeted market. And when this product is sold, they get a commission. And each of these sales is tracked through an affiliate link, which is generated differently for each website.

    Once the affiliate makes the sales contract between the consumer and the seller, it pulls the affiliate to earn some profit. It’s not always mandatory to sell the product to get the money from the seller, rather than the affiliate can make money by –

    • Pay Per Click
    • Pay Per Lead
    • Pay Per Sale
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    Why do you need Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Sites?

    Successful blogging or affiliate marketing depends on certain things- placing links in place is one of those things. An affiliate Plugin is a place where you could centrally manage all your links. And from this place, you could get –

    • Easy access to all URL Redirections
    • Social Media Links
    • Affiliate Links
    • Managing Other Kind of Links
    • Total control on the link looking and redirecting.   
    • Total Group/Sort/Search/Track clicks of all links  
    • Grow a valuable audience group with continuous loyalty of following your site 
    • Shareable link for any of your social media with the podcast
    • Easily add an Affiliate link to your WordPress articles

    Placing links on different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other blogs) could be very haphazard if you don’t know how to manage, track and organize them centrally. And here is the need of our today’s listed Affiliate Plugin for WordPress sites. 

    However, let’s dive into a depth description –

    List of Best Free Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

    Lots of free affiliate plugins for WordPress are available for today’s website owners. Before finding the filtered list among all available free affiliate plugins, you have to know why you need this usually.

    A WordPress free affiliate plugin is to manage all your Affiliate Marketing Program so that you can drive more traffic in the field of your product promotion. There is no doubt; a perfect Free Affiliate Plugin helps for more sales, thus more income in one’s store.

    There are so many free and premium affiliate WordPress plugins that exist online. Here we shortlisted only the free WordPress affiliate plugins. Let’s introduce our selected list in the followed way –

    Top 10 free WordPress affiliate plugins:

    1. PrettyLinks
    2. ThirstyAffiliates
    3. MonsterInsights
    4. RafflePress
    5. Affiliates Manager
    6. EasyAzon
    7. AdRotate
    8. YITH Woocommerce Affiliates
    9. WP Auto Affiliate Links
    10. Easy Affiliate Links

    Here we will write some brief descriptions about those plugins below.

    1. Pretty Links

    Why is Pretty link best? And how did we make it to the top serial on our list? 

    If you want to Shrink/Beautification/Track/Manage/Share your URLs with your domain name, Pretty Links will help you do that with a shortened link.

    Whether any other link servicing company offers you to use a link like-tinyurl.com/ bit.ly/or other links, service-Pretty Links provides you a clean link with a detailed tracking about each hit (where and how the impact comes from).

    Most of the WordPress site owners defined this affiliate plugin as a killer free affiliate plugin WordPress tool for the wellbeing of the WP sites. And the most incredible thing about this plugin is- both the bloggers, affiliate marketers, even the social maven can manage their affiliate link more smoothly with this affiliate plugin.

    So what could Pretty Links do?

    • Manage all Social Links 
    • Shortening and managing of all WordPress sites links
    • URL Redirection      
    • Affiliate Links   
    • QR Codes Generator

    2. ThirstyAffiliates

    ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best free affiliate plugins for WP nowadays. The most practical matter about this Affiliate Plugin is- it allows you to add/manage/insert links to any website pages, post, or anywhere else. ThirstyAffiliates allow the WordPress Site owner-

    • Branded URLs
    • Easily Insert Links
    • Easier Link Management    
    • Auto Linking Keyword    
    • Sort all links according to the category

    Some people may ask about some past issues about ThirstyAffiliates. Previously the links they dealt with were too long and thus were very difficult to remember. Another problem was the No follow Attribute for the Affiliate Links. The good news is that ThirstyAffiliates recently became updated and resolved all those negative issues it had previously. 

    It is free, and anybody can download it from WordPress Plugin Repo. And interestingly, it is such an Affiliate Link Management Tool, which is fully equipped with so many user-friendly features to gain more traffic, to reach more and more profit. Ultimately, it becomes one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress free tools nowadays due to its high functionality.

    3. MonsterInsights

    When you need to add Google Analytics for details of your WordPress site

    performance on Google; MonsterInsights will help you do that simply with a few clicks. This tool will allow you to get all your site visitor’s data and behavior in detail regularly in a smooth way.

    Most of the site users already might know about this Google Plugin for WordPress. MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress sites. It allows you to connect your site with Google Analytics within a few clicks; it gives more features and tells you how to catch more visitors repeatedly coming to your site.

    This Affiliate Plugin already completed over 16 million downloads

    by the WordPress owner and became most popular, being the WordPress affiliate plugin free. Companies like Bloomberg, PlayStation, Coca-Cola also use MonsterInsights to add their site with Google analytics and so more.

    So what can you get from this Affiliate link manager tool?

    • Google analytic setup very quickly and easily.
    • Tracking all code at the time of switching WordPress themes from one to another
    • Real-Time statistics on the WordPress Dashboard  
    • Also, allow seeing all popular posts/pages with referral sources

    4. RafflePress

    RafflePress is renowned as the best WordPress giveaway Plugin. This plugin works for making viral giveaways and rewards. It is most powerful and easy as well. Though there are several plugins for making online giveaways, RafflePress is the best among all of them. RafflePress enhances subscriber lists, increases website traffic, and also enables the advertising partner by giveaways or contests with the host.

    When you eagerly need to grow your email list with enhanced website traffic with a growing number of social media followers, RafflePress will do all these at a faster rate within simply a few clicks. 

    Whereas other giveaway plugins are rigid, buggy, and very slow to work, RafflePress is the easiest and robust solution of all of them. 

    • Easy for the newbie or beginner    
    • Has several Giveaways Templates 
    • Boost to grow Social Media Followers      
    • Viral Sharing Option  
    • UGC Option   
    • Drag-Drop-Builder   
    • Prevent Fault Entries  
    • Code-Free Design Setting
    • Distraction-Free Giveaway Landing Pages
    • Generates Giveaway Rules Automatically   
    • Integrated with Email Marketing Service  
    • Easy Re-tracking and Retargeting
    • Stores Giveaway Entries inside WordPress      
    • Hundred percent Mobile Friendly

    5. Affiliates Manager

    This WordPress plugin is an e-commerce solution to run your WordPress site to gather more traffic and more sales. WP Affiliate Manager is one of the fastest-growing advertising methods with a very cost-effective method.

    Affiliates can go with all sorts of Recruitment, registration, log-in, and management process with this beautiful and functional Affiliates Plugin for WordPress. This plugin also tracks the referral source and sends it to you (your site mainly).

    Another good thing about WP Affiliates Manager is it is integrated with so many e-commerce solutions to help the user more. It is integrated with WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, WP eCommerce, JigoShop, Easy Digital Downloads, i-Themes. Exchange, WP e-Store, Sell Digital Downloads, Paid Membership Pro, S2Member, Simple Membership, and Stripe Payments.

     WP Affiliates Manager offers –

    • Integration with other e-commerce solutions 
    • Real-time report
    • Tracking unlimited affiliates
    • Translation ready( it can translate into 12 popular languages)
    • Customize message for the affiliates
    • Affiliate Ad Impression Tracking
    • Autoresponder Integration
    • Customizable Affiliate Registration 
    • Unlimited Ads and Creative      
    • Manual adjustment & payouts

    6. EasyAzon

    It is called Amazon Associates Affiliates Plugins. Like any other best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress, EasyAzon is the quickest way to make Amazon Affiliate Link to your page or post. Instead of so many tedious manual steps.

    EasyAzon offers a simple but effective text affiliate link directly to the product available on Amazon for sales. So it saves a considerable amount of time. However, another vital feature of EasyAzon is-it is available everywhere, where Amazon Affiliate Program is running. 

    EasyAzon is a premium graded WP tool. It male affiliate link or enables localization of the link. (Where Amazon Affiliates Programs are available). This WP Plugin tool is faster and easier. EasyAzon is a must-needed WP plugin for serious users about Amazon Affiliate earnings up to the next level. 

    Features of EasyAzon –

    • Geo-targeting feature
    • Default settings feature
    • Getting your hands on EasyAzon
    • EasyAzon link types

    7. AdRotate

    AdRotate is a WP tool to manage and optimize all the ads and display on your WP sites. Usually, it supports AdSense and Doubleclick publishing networks, but if you want to show your ads for affiliate purposes, you can use it to publish as on your targeted pages or post to gather more traffic. 

    AdRotate is both available in the free and pro version. You can add your advertisement in the free version, run it, and rotate with other promotions for your affiliate order. The free version is fantastic when you only want to see the ad for affiliate orders.

    If you want to add other ads to your rotation, you have to switch to the AdRotate Pro version. With the pro version, you will also be able to enjoy geo-targeting your ads. Besides this, you will also be able to target even the cities, not only the countries. 

    Besides affiliate marketing advertisement, the pro version will also make you able to accept or manage all third parties advertisers. So it becomes elementary for the affiliates to identify from where they are getting the money, directly from the affiliate promotion or the third party advertisement. 

    8. YITH Woocommerce Affiliates

    YITH WooCommerce Affiliates directly integrates with e-commerce solutions like Woo Commerce for why site owners can get a superb and seamless affiliate service to grow their business. You can call it one of the free affiliate plugins for woocommerce to integrate various e-commerce solutions seamlessly.

    The most positive thing about this WP plugin is that it quickly

    increases your store’s turnover at a fast rate. Due to this plugin, users can effectively advertise their products on the targeted web to make your content visible on such a place, usually difficult to reach. It offers a basic affiliation programming service, simply within a few steps. You can set a different or unique commission rate even for each affiliate if you need it. 

    This WP tool will keep all records off your affiliate track action and also will show all generated traffic on your site in detail. This plugin has both the free and the paid versions. For the free version, users need to enable the plugin with shortcode “[yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard].”.And for the paid version, it needs to enable the plugin with the shortcode “[yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard]” .from the WP dashboard. 

    9. WP Auto Affiliate Links

    You can directly go to the Auto Affiliate Links from your WP Admin Panel. You can add the affiliate link using one or a few keywords from this automated WP link provider tool. So how much time do you need to do this? Usually, we suggest each affiliate link you want to display. 

    Usually, auto-affiliate links provide links on your post or other content automatically. The advantage of such automation is that you can manually set the links and keywords they should display. Or you can use this automatic link builder to extract or display links from various places like Amazon Clickbank, Shareasale, eBay, Walmart, Commission Junction, BestBuy, and Envato Marketplace.

    WP Auto Affiliate Links is a huge time saver, drawing traffic automatically faster from various places. It automatically pulls affiliate links and shows them onto your content. It’s an awesome woocommerce affiliate plugin free means by which you can transfer an average article into a money-making machine.

    Features of WP Auto Affiliate Links Pro:

    • Earn huge money    
    • Save huge time to add or manage affiliate links.  
    • Concentrate more on the website and the post 
    • Can avoid irritating ads or low payouts    
    • Overall, it can improve your web business.

    10. Easy Affiliate Links

    Why do we choose Easy Affiliate Links on our list? It not only manages the affiliate links on your WP sites. Rathmore can control both cloaked pretty links & regular non-cloaked links.

    Easy Affiliate Plugin is called an all-in-one Affiliate Program plugin for WP sites. Though it gives an extreme focus on affiliate link management, it also has some other valuable features, making it one of the best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress sites. 

    Mentionable Features of this plugin are –

    • Line tracking  
    • No-fuse setup process.    
    • Easy handling
    • Transaction reporting 
    • Shopping Cart Integration    
    • Integrated with WooCommerce and PayPal.    
    • Extensive configuration options

    This plugin also features to keep all technical problems out of your site or process so that you can easily manage your affiliate programming. Using this plugin, you will also be able to configure several management options from just the right portion of your WP dashboard.

    You can go with the Management of commission levels, affiliate dashboard settings, and so on. You can also get the payment options from here.

    Final Thoughts

    When you are a newbie or just started a WordPress site for affiliation purposes, it could become challenging for you to reach the next level. However, a perfect and functional affiliate management tool can help you be the sailor towards your affiliation journey.

    The best affiliate plugins for WordPress will help you to affiliate program management with traffic and link tracking. Not only this, but an ideal affiliate plugin will also track your ads Management.

    In a word, if you want a successful affiliate marketing business, there is no option of using a good and capable WP plugin tool. So we have already added 10 here. Hopefully, you will get the best one as per your demand, choice, and capability.

    That’s all for today,

    Thank you.

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