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    WP Engine Review: Everything You Need To Know

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    WP Engine
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    What do you expect to get rid of while managing your blog or business website? Obviously, it will be dealt with system admin and hosting issues. It is important to invest wisely in hosting services for your website when it comes to having an online presence.

    WordPress is the most used platform yet not only for its flexibility and amazing functionality but also its importance in growing online visibility. How would it be if the hosting service you are using only aims to provide service on that platform? Some cheap web hosting providers offer a decent service and promise to reduce your workload, but ultimately you get no results and still have to maintain the hosting related issues. Most of the hosting providers have plenty of platforms for web hosting and they can’t focus on providing conclusive service for every platform.

    WP Engine is exceptional in this case. WP Engine- One of the biggest names in the hosting industry, especially with WordPress. The hosting is fully optimized for WordPress hosting and manage all the admin and hosting issues for you. This saves a lot of time and you can be proactive in the other productive tasks. Let’s dive into the in-depth review of WP Engine host and learn if it is worth for your business.

    What Is WP Engine Actually?

    WP Engine is a web hosting organization that completely focuses on hosting WordPress Domains. There are no VPS, e-commerce plans, dedicated server or anything else except WordPress service. The company is well known for its trust and credibility and the world’s most popular management systems.

    This is a fully managed hosting for WordPress and takes care of 3 major factors with WordPress: Security, Speed, and Scalability. Throughout the years, WP Engine has served over 80K customers with more than 500K domains in 140 countries.

    With WP Engine, you will get the experience that you always expect from a premium hosting service. The site speeds are amazing and migration is so quick and smooth that you will be thankful. It is a more-than-competent hosting company, including excellent uptime, unlimited data transfers, daily backups, and other mind-blowing features. WP Engine is a great option for businesses of every size- large, medium or small.

    Based in Austin, Texas, WP Engine started its journey in 2010. Now the company is operating data centers in the United States, UK, Japan, and Belgium. They are considered as the pioneer in the WordPress hosting industry.

    WP Engine focuses on helping the individuals “Build Faster” and they claim to provide comprehensive services with innovative technology and excellent hosting solutions.

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    Why Should You RelyOn WP Engine For Your Website?

    Performance & Speed

    WP Engine Performance & Speed

    Do you know that website performance has a significant effect on the bounce rate? Yes, your customer will find the website more user-friendly and reliable when it will perform exceedingly well.

    I migrated my website to the WP Engine in the last 2016, and in this 1 year, my personal experience with the hosting is nothing but Great. The previous hosts promise to 100% website performance but never could fulfill their promises. After migration and site testing for a few months, I was just regretting why I did not get their service earlier.

    Performance is the most important factor to justify a web hosting provider. With WP Engine, you will get a Content Delivery Network, which is completely free with all options. As they are conducting their data server operation from various regions, so you don’t have to think about your site’s performance twice.

    WP Engine has WordPress optimized and a custom-made caching system that ensures your website caches smoothly. Your website will blaze fast speed without installing cache plug-ins.

    Advanced Safety Features

    WP Engine Advanced Safety Features

    If you have a website then you must know the vital importance of security. The WP Engine hosting service will provide you with CDN and SSL certificate which are the primary needs to protect a website. The host keeps your data protected from any kind of attack and threads. Their powerful firewalls and updated features conduct daily malware scans, detect malware threats efficiently and eliminate them so that you can sleep well.

    If your site is ever hacked, the team will rescue it for free without losing single information. WP Engine will always keep your website highly-functional and proactive.

    Maximum Uptime

    Uptime is another important aspect as it highlights the quality of web hosting. You will never expect your website to go down even for a while. 1 second of unavailability creates a thousand seconds difference in online presence. For example, your website naturally gets 1000 visitors a day. One day they saw that your website is unavailable due to some technical issues. Most unlikely, the customers won’t visit your website ever.

    Maximum uptime is also required for being a search engine-friendly website. WP Engine will never let your website go down. As they have data centers almost in every region, you can ensure the maximum uptime for your website by selecting the closest data center.


    WP Engine Features
    WP Engine Features 2

    Let’s look at WP Engine’s awesome features:

    • GeoIP targeting
    • Off-site backups
    • Agile Developer Environment
    • Reseller-friendly
    • Free Migration
    • SSL & CDN included
    • Automatic WordPress updates
    • Amazon web service integration
    • And more….

    WP Engine is consistently providing the listed features above and is promised to update them as well.

    60 Days Risk-free Guarantee

    WP Engine Guarantee

    Giving customers support the highest priority, WP Engine offers exclusive service & support along with 60 days money-back guarantee. After purchasing a plan you can continue for 60 days without any risk. If the plan does not suit your business, they will refund the whole amount. But you have to be very sure about their services.

    It is because I never found them inappropriate for any business. The refund program is open to Business, Professional and Personal plans. So if you purchase a plan only for testing, make sure you are properly using all their features and services within 2 months.

    Ease of Use

    WP Engine Ease of Use

    Though WP Engine deals with all the admin issues, as an owner, you must have the knowledge for your own purpose. Don’t worry, WP Engine is very easy and flexible to use. If you have used the standard cPanel or similar control panel for years, it will be easy for you to go with the features.

    Moreover, they will provide the required documentation so you can get used to the admin system. Thankfully, the host has a “one-click restores” option so you can keep instant backups and restore the data with a single “click”.

    Need Support?

    WP Engine Support

    All the plans at WP Engine come with 24/7/365 support and plenty of assistance included. The support group consists of more than 125 professionals and is technically well versed to provide the customers with the proper solution.

    You can contact the support team by all means via Email, Phone or Live Chat. Once you sign up for a plan, you will get access to the support options. The agents are quick, helpful and highly knowledgeable about the hosting service.

    For common queries and help, they have created a resource center where you will find a lot of tutorials and well-written documentation based on the problems that were raised previously.

    Plans & Pricing

    WP Engine Plans & Pricing

    WP Engine comes with 4 attractive plans and amazing features. The plans are created based on the resources and the number of sites so the customers get a very scalable service. The minimum price is $35 that is perfect for a startup.

    Comparing to the other platforms, the minimum price of WP Engine offers the most features. The price may seem a bit high, but the good news is you don’t need additional paid plug-ins, tools and extensions to increase the website performance and even a professional to maintain the system.

    With all the plans, powerful tools are available, unbelievable bandwidth up to 400 GB, free migrations and up to 400K visits per month. You can use the plans to maintain multiple websites. If you are looking to build more than one site, their service worth purchasing.

    Any Negative Aspects?

    Actually speaking, no one is perfect when it comes to web hosting companies.  If your website is not in WordPress, you can’t use WP Engine. The price might not fit into everyone’s budget. Dedicated hosting is not available in WP Engine and you have to pay a lot for Shared hosting.

    Business owners with an adequate budget may prefer the VPS or Dedicated hosting service of the other companies.

    WP Engine doesn’t offer Email service. Most of the time, you can’t install important plugins that do not come with the host. The hosting company doesn’t offer a domain service that means you have to register your domains with another organization, which many customers may find tedious.

    Who Can Use WP Engine?

    WP Engine is perfect for the users who have a WordPress website with medium to a high volume of visitors. If you require the best performance, fantastic customer support, super-fast page loading speed and managed WordPress hosting, then WP Engine is for you.