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    SiteGround Review: Why You Should Buy SiteGround Web Hosting

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    There are many things you need to consider while buying a Web Hosting Service for your business or blog site, starting from the features & facilities, prices, customer service, you have to look over all the variables and make the best decision.

    Very few web hosting providers address all these factors and do them well. Some of the providers ensure high-quality services over the rate while others might be tempted to show low cost, but you will not get the best service in the long run.

    If you have a particular business, it may not be possible for you to read all the reviews on web hosting providers for that business. But, here’s the good news for you. Take a moment to read this article as I am going to make your time valuable. Today, you will meet with a leading web hosting service provider that addresses all the factors above and help you accomplish your business goals.

    SiteGround, one of the most recommended web hosting companies, specialized for WordPress hosting and are well-known for their top-notch support and authentic hosting plans.

    SiteGround’s WordPress optimized web hosting includes everything you need to build a professional website and grow your business. The satisfied customers of this hosting provider company consider it as “well-crafted” hosting solutions.

    What Is SiteGround?

    SiteGround is one of the fastest and independent web hosting companies and a hidden gem in the hosting marketplace. This company was established in 2004, and since then they have increased their service range all over the world.

    Actually, the company was founded by a group of friends where TenkoNikolov was the leader and the current CEO. He proudly said that we aimed to serve the customers from the very beginning, which we are doing now successfully. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, they are operating their business incredibly from 6 locations on 3 continents.

    Very few hosting companies have such business ranges. The organization has more than 400 professionals who are providing mind-blowing services to users. And believe it or not, the company hosted more than 1M domains and it is constantly growing. They offer a wide range of hosting solutions, cloud and dedicated server solutions on Linux hosting for both large and small websites.

    From software solutions to premier support, all the things are guaranteed at SiteGround. The hosting provider is built for safety and well-crafted for WordPress. So if you have a WordPress Website, Siteground web hosting is a must-try.

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    Web Hosting Services

    Let’s dive into the dip of web hosting services that are offered by SiteGround. Currently, they are providing 5 different web hosting services. Whatever your business is, any of these options will definitely match your criteria.

    Shared Hosting

    SiteGround Shared Hosting

    With Shared Web Hosting, you have a great option to try the service 30 days for free before you purchase it finally. This hosting service is perfect for small business owners and beginners. The price is cost-effective with high standard solutions.

    You will only require a few minutes to set up a new website. You can choose any of the data centers of SiteGround based on your incoming visitors. Creating a website with this server is comparatively easy. Even if you want to migrate your website to another script/platform, SiteGround will assist you with the task with no downtime and no hassle.

    Ideally, choosing the StartUp plan is best as you will get enough web spaces and a good number of visitors can be handled. You can easily upgrade your plan with the growth of your website.  With Shared Web Hosting, you are guaranteed for maximum uptime, user-friendly features, and dedicated customer support that you will love to contact.

    Cloud Hosting Service

    SiteGround Cloud Hosting

    VPS hosting no longer exists on SiteGround, Cloud hosts took the place. Cloud hosting package comes in 4 different models with exclusive features:

    • Entry
    • Business
    • Business Plus
    • Super Power

    Starting from an amount of $80, Cloud Hosting will charge you a maximum of $240 per month. Apparently, the cost seems a lot more. But look at the available features.

    Cloud hosting’s plans are arranged in such ways so your website never goes down due to a lack of power and it scales up your website traffic. SiteGround has configured and managed its services to take your mind off IT maintenance.

    With this awesome plan, you are getting adequate disk space, super-fast data transfer, 7-day off-site data backups and retrieve services, VIP support, and 24/7 live chat facilities. This package will help you enjoy an ultra-fast hosting service. With CDN (Content Delivery Network), you can easily choose the server location. Their plan also offers a Free SSL Certificate for 1 year and the packages are easily customizable.

    Dedicated Hosting Server

    SiteGround Dedicated Hosting

    Now, you can host your business or blog site on a high standard dedicated machine set up that is efficiently managed by SiteGround’s experts. Dedicated Hosting will give you more flexibility and functionality and increase your server performance with innovative solutions. Rather than the other programs, you have the option to choose a variety of RAID, CPU, RAM, and storage configurations.

    Dedicated Hosting is perfect for the independent individuals that have no problem with the charges, but looking for rapid growth in their business. You can customize a server with up to 10 TB of disk spaces, unbelievable 64 GB RAM and 10 TB of monthly data transfers.

    Do you know what the coolest thing is? You will have the master control over your WordPress website.

    Reseller Web Hosting

    SiteGround Reseller Hosting

    Let me inform you about the win-win package of SiteGround hosting. If you are thinking of starting a web hosting business without getting into the infrastructure matters, then you should check out the Reseller Hosting.

    The plan is created for multiple website hosting and surprisingly, you will be charged only $42 per year. With an affordable rate, this package offers Reseller Credits which can be used for a bigger discount or account renewal. The more credits you have, the more benefits you can enjoy. You can get access to all the features with a single credit.

    SiteGround goes the extra mile with generous specifications in several categories which results in the best choice for Reseller Hosting.

    Enterprise Website Hosting

    SiteGround Enterprise Hosting

    Enterprise hosting is the only package where you can pick the features according to your website needs. It’s very possible that a customer doesn’t like all the features of a ready-made plan and expect for something exceptional. Focusing on the customer’s needs, the features are well crafted so that every option can create value for the customers. It’s like, all the things are arranged in a rack, and you just pick up a product and pay the price for it.

    Other Apps Hosting

    Besides the universal web hosting plans, SiteGround offers specific web hosting plans on various content management systems. Other Apps hosting include:

    • WordPress Hosting
    • Joomla Hosting
    • Magento Hosting
    • Drupal Hosting
    • PrestaShop Hosting
    • WooCommerce Hosting

    Safety Features

    It’s time to explore the security features of SiteGround Hosting. Being a member, you will get an SSL certificate on the foremost basis as well as effective security features. If your website is ever attacked, the SG Site Scanner will let you know and you can take action promptly.

    The feature includes Spam Experts & Spam Assassin, IP address blocklists and hotlink protection that scans all the link on your website and ensure their safety. Another important tool is SiteCheck that looks for malware in the coding or on the website. You can run this scanner periodically so it works effectively.

    CHROOT tool which was created in 2008, is still on the top of web hosting security features. Leech Protect, which is another interesting feature, let the website owners prevent the users from posting their passwords publicly.

    With CDN integration, SiteGround ensures the best security and performance of any website. Also, you can keep daily backups and retrieve them whenever you need them. Along with the hosting packages, SiteGround will provide the backup feature, so you have nothing to worry about your website credentials and safety issues.

    Performance & Reliability

    SiteGround Performance & Reliability

    After launching your website, it will start getting traffic. If the website performance is poor, the users will be unable to browse your services and it will affect your business significantly. You must make sure that the server response and page loading time of your website is faster than your competitors. As you have no control over server response time, so you have to make sure the hosting you are using offers faster server response time.

    Luckily, the server at SiteGround loads under 1 second when tested on Pingdom and your website is 4 times faster than the others.

    Uptime Percentage

    SiteGround Uptime

    Website Uptime is one of the most important factors of a web hosting service. If your website is down for any technical issues, it will have a massive impact on your business. It’s true that the web hosts have to do maintenance and upgrades in their server and features. But an average of 99.95% uptime percentage is expected from every web hosting.

    Thankfully, SiteGround consistently maintains the uptime percentage on an average of 99.99%. The credit goes to the support team, hosting configuration and almost immediate backups when required. SiteGround uses their own crafted solutions and technology to reduce downtimes such as Linux containers, pro-active server monitoring system, account isolation technology, and anti-bot AI system.

    Let me share my personal experience with SiteGround. Over the first 3 months using their package, Pingdom reported monthly uptime percentage of 99.96%, 99.97%, and 100%. Got the scenario why should you choose SiteGround?

    Best Customer Support

    SiteGround Customer Support

    Every web hosting company should be careful about relentless customer service, but the activities of SiteGround show that they have emphasized more on this part. They have an award-winning customer support team and are incredibly good at providing quick, easy and knowledgeable support to the customers.

    The support system of SiteGround includes live chat, conversation over the phone and ticket-based Email support. Regardless of the hours of the day, the team is always on and ready to serve. You will get instant replies when you are doing a live chat, have conversations instantly and the solution by Email within minutes.

    If you are comfortable to fix the problems your own, the company offers a large collection of suggestions and guidelines, tutorials, videos, and screenshots. My experience with customer support is pleasant and it never happened that a live chat session ended before my problem is solved. In short, the customer service of SiteGround is phenomenal.

    Customer Reviews

    SiteGround Customer Reviews

    Let’s look at the customer reviews of SiteGround. The organization encourages customers to provide honest reviews and comments. And guess what, everyone rated them 5 out of 5 with positive recommendations.

    From the beginner to the pro, everyone is served equally at SiteGround. Customers are their main driving force behind them and because of the customers, they have become a renowned company in the web hosting marketplace.


    After all the discussions, I will summarize the article in one sentence, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with complicated features and tempted pricing, you must give SiteGround a try.