Bluehost Review: Does Bluehost Web Hosting Worth Your Business?

    Bluehost Review: Does Bluehost Web Hosting Worth Your Business?

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    Getting started with your first business through a website can be a daunting task. Though reaching the targeted audiences and communicating with them through social media is an easy task, proper interaction with the customers is undoubtedly tough. If you are very serious about doing online business, you will require a top-notch web host that provides relentless services before setting up your website.

    Now if you are looking for the right web host with extended features of WordPress, it will be tough to find the right one. For example, we all know that Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. are some of the most popular search engines that make billions of revenues per month.

    Now, if you are looking for something on the internet, among the popular search engines, which one will you load first?

    Obviously, the name is Google. Why Google?

    Because it is the most trusted search engines in the online world. Likewise, if you are searching for the best web hosting company, thousands of companies will be found. So, which one will you choose first?

    The answer is – Bluehost as it is the most trusted source for hosting.

    Of the hosting companies that are specialized in the WordPress website, Bluehost is one of them. Bluehost is officially recommended for WordPress website as it is doing a fantastic job of offering a wide variety of hosting programs, balancing features and prices, offering plenty of options and endless customer support to businesses. Let’s read the detailed Bluehost review and see if it’s worth your business.

    What Is Bluehost?

    As mentioned above, when it comes to a web hosting company for a WordPress website, Bluehost gets the first priority. It is one of the oldest hosting providers that was founded in 1996.

    The company was founded by Matt Heatson and Danny Ashworth and now among the leading companies owned by Endurance International, Bluehost is one of them. The company is based in Utah and since 1996, they are offering budget level pricing, superb WordPress integration, and reliable server uptime.

    Bluehost powers more than 2 Million websites around the world and their data center mainly based in Utah. There are more than 700 dedicated professionals to provide world-class web hosting services and solve every issue with innovative solutions.

    Their web hosting solution is simple, powerful, and surprisingly affordable. What makes Bluehost the recommended web hosting is its reputation for credibility and usability. They focus on making the best web hosting company that caters to the needs of many website owners and web developers.

    The reason to become popular with millions of customers is particularly their cloud-based web hosting solutions. Personally, I have been using the platform for more than 4 years and during this long journey, I didn’t see anything to dislike them.

    Visit Bluehost…

    Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

    Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

    Bluehost’s shared web hosting offers a powerful and proven host that’s perfect for your website. If you are looking for something basic and inexpensive, shared web hosting should be your first choice. It is the most common and affordable package among all the programs.

    With a shared web hosting service, multiple customers can share a secured server resource to manage their website. Your WordPress website can be fully optimized by shared web hosting. Starting at only $2.95 per month.

    Shared web hosting plan offers to get access to unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth and website space, unlimited Email accounts and subdomains. This package is a great way to start.

    Cloud Hosting

    Bluehost Cloud Hosting

    Those who are seeking for a reliable hosting service, Cloud hosting program of Bluehost will be a great choice. Bluehost offers cloud hosting service to the customers with the best service at an unbeatable price.

    For your safety, the hosting provides three mirrored copies of your information across multiple devices. You will get access to an intuitive dashboard to monitor your website performance, track the visitors, global reach, and lot more.

    Without rebooting, you can scale up RAM and CPU. Your website will be managed by a cloud hosting service. The program comes with a minimum price of $6.95 per month.

    With the Starter plan, you get access to 1 website, 100 GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, 2 GB RAM and 2 CPU Cores available. Performance pack offers unlimited website management, 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores, unlimited Email accounts, and unlimited storage.

    Neither Starter no the Performance package offers SSL certificate and dedicated IP. But there is nothing to be worried about.

    Business Pro plan boasts all the features including backup, restore, free SSL certificate and dedicated IP. All the programs have one-click resource scaling, local caching and marketing offers to help you grow your website.  Your customers will experience a super-fast website like never before.

    WordPress Hosting

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting

    WordPress and Bluehost are working together for over 10 glorious years. With innovative technologies, Bluehost made the WordPress hosting optimized for your website.

    The hosting program will help you with everything you need to make your website easy to use, secure, super-fast and standardized. Advanced NGINX architecture and custom PHP-FRM configuration have made the hosting extremely fast and SiteLock WAF, Security, and advanced CDN ensure complete protection of your website.

    Installation is so easy that you can launch the server on your website by with a single click and it will let you manage all the contents on your website from one place.

    Additionally, WordPress hosting gives you access to the leading Theme and Template resource- Mojo Marketplace where you will get plenty of features such as scripts, plugins and more to enrich your website.

    WooCommerce Hosting

    Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting

    It is hard to find the best host for an e-commerce website. Luckily, the Bluehost web hosting company hosts an e-commerce website powered by WordPress. The company powers 2 Million WordPress websites worldwide.

    WooCommerce is a plugin for the e-commerce website that is designed to integrate seamlessly. It’s a powerful, easily scalable, mobile-friendly and open source solution.

    If you are running an online store and looking for a fast, dedicated and easily customizable hosting service, WooCommerce hosting will be the best for you. The hosting allows you to set up your online store in minutes, get dedicated IP and SSL certificate and 24/7/365 support.

    The offer comes with three plans- Starter, Plus, and Pro.

    With Starter, you will get 100 GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 Email accounts, 1 domain, and 1 dedicated IP.

    Plus program offers unmetered storage space, unmetered bandwidth, and an unlimited number of Email accounts while the Pro boasts site backup, restore, domain privacy features, and spam protection along with the common features.

    VPS Hosting Service

    Bluehost VPS Hosting

    Bluehost has built a VPS hosting server from the ground using all SSD storage so you can enjoy unlimited power, super flexibility, and control for your website. They have used OpenStack and KVM technology to make the server powerful and very easy to use.

    Their VPS configuration includes an improved cPanel interface that gives access to VPS management and WHM control to the users. Bluehost offers 3 tiers of VPS hosting based on Linux. The prices vary based on the availability of features. The first 2 plans come with 2 cores of CPU. The space of SSD storage, RAM increases as you go to the upgraded versions.

    They offer unlimited bandwidth with every package and thankfully promises for 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the features. All the programs include special discounts for longer-term contractors.

    Dedicated Hosting

    Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

    If you require an abundance of resources, want to enjoy the ultimate website performance, control and security probably the best option for you is Dedicated web hosting.

    Dedicated hosting offers immediate provisioning whereas the other hosting companies take hours or days to solve. With the program, you will get up to 1 TB of mirrored drives which will ensure your website security. Each tier plan offer 30 days refund like VPS hosting packages.

    Standard and Enhanced plan offer 4×2.5 GHz CPU while the Premium pack provides 4×3.3 GHz CPU. With dedicated hosting, a maximum of 16 GB RAM, 15 TB Bandwidth, and 5 IP Addresses are available.

    Regardless of which program you select, 24/7 support and server management are a promise.

    Bluehost Programs

    Bluehost Programs

    Bluehost offers an amazing affiliate marketing program for the individuals that are interested in making cash through marketing. If you are good at online marketing, Bluehost can be a better choice for you.

    For every successful sign up of your referrals, you can make $65. Though almost every hosting marketplaces have affiliate programs, no other company offers this amount of commissions.

    Doing online marketing for Bluehost along with your own website will help you make a double profit at the same time. And you don’t need much effort to impress your friends by purchasing Bluehost services because almost everyone knows about the platform. All you need is to build trust in their mind.

    Bluehost Features

    Bluehost has a maximum uptime of 99.99% with a faster page loading facility.

    They offer some great tools and extensions for your website security. Using Spam Experts, SpamAssassin, and Spam Hammer will make your website risk-free to use and you can prevent further attacks. You can use the apps, features, and integrations with ease.

    All the packages come with a 1-month money-back guarantee and it is easy to upgrade the current plan with your business growth.

    Customer Support

    Bluehost Customer Support

    As a user, you must require endless customer support from any hosting company to avoid unexpected circumstances.

    Bluehost won’t disappoint you in this case. They have plenty of hosting related articles, tutorials, and guidelines that will help you solve any critical issues. You can simply type your question and look for possible help. For more than a decade, they have put together all the questions and provided possible solutions.

    However, if you don’t find the solution in the FAQ section, you can contact them through email, live chat and or get instant replies over the phone. If you want their assistance regarding affiliates, billing, sales, verification or certain tech support, you may require to create tickets. They are very responsive in replying to the open tickets and provide possible solutions.

    There is an immense opportunity to build your career at Bluehost. Often Endurance International post jobs and recruits individuals who are dedicated and very hard-working. If you are specialized in programming, coding or an IT geek, Endurance International will be the best place where you can get your dream job. Customer services, marketing, and sales positions are equally important. If you think you have the qualifications to meet their criteria, just go for it!

    Bluehost blog covers a wide range of technical and IT-related content. You will get tips and tricks for your website growth, business success, new business ideas and a lot about hosting. Ask yourself once to see whether you get so many benefits anywhere else.