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    10 proficient ways that how to get followers on WordPress

    Last Update: 24 Jul, 2022

    How to Get Followers on WordPress
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    It is true, there is no direct or shortcut way to get more visitors to your sites. So how to do that? Is the overall process complicated? Or is it impossible for the newbie or beginner-level WordPress owner? No, it’s not really so tough! This article is about how to get followers on WordPress.

    However, who doesn’t want to grow their blog site with a huge number of authentic followers? Usually, every blogger or site owner has a dream to get a mentionable amount of followers for their blog sites.

    Usually, bloggers start their blogging for a specific purpose. And more followers means more profit or more ways to meet the intention of this blogging.

    At the beginning of each business or work, it is not so easy to get the audience to concentrate on your work. WordPress business is also the same, at the new stage, it becomes very challenging to gather the concentration of a large audience. 

    But what is called is, if anybody sticks to his/her work, it is not hard to build an authentic and loyal community of huge followers so that they eagerly wait to see the next content from your site.

    However, today we will discuss 10 ways to get more followers on WordPress. Let’s dive into the details –

    10 proficient ways that how to get followers on WordPress

    1) Publish quality content

    Publish quality content

    It is the most important matter to catch more traffic on your blog site. If you produce more quality content that can drag visitor concentration, then automatically you will get more visitors. 

    Keep in mind one thing, at the start-up, you have to keep patience for more visitors. All you have to do is, write quality content that is SEO friendly and can meet users’ demands. 

    As you have a WP site, you certainly have a target set of visitors. So focus on your targeted visitor’s age, sex, location, and mentality, and then write the content with extreme quality. 

    Quality content is like the showcase of your blog site. It depends on your decorative capability to gather people’s concentration. The more you can make your showcase beautiful, good, and to the point.it will automatically draw more people towards you. 

    2) Focus on any trendy content

    Focus on trendy content

    It’s one of the most logical tricks to draw people’s concentration. Yes, as your WordPress site is based on one targeted person, you cannot catch all trendy issues to post on your site. 

    Suppose presently Corona issue is the most trendy issue on the net world. So if you could find any link of corona with your site niche, you can catch a perfect keyword containing corona and can post it on your site. 

    Any popular topics, viral issues on the net have an on-time demand to draw a huge number of people towards them. So special concentration on this matter. 

    Another thing you can do is if you are working on a big team, you can go with an internal discussion about the trendy topic. You can also check Google’s trendy topic. Also, you can check blog comments, forum discussions to get what people are wanting from you at present time.

    3) Motivate your visitors to follow your site

    It is the best and toughest way to increase the followers on your WordPress sites. Everybody has a sole intention to enhance the followers on his/her site. But how to do this? 

    However, motivating visitors to become your continuous is not too easy you are thinking just now! As no visitors know you personally, so why would they come to visit you?

    The only answer to your question is -go with lead generation to catch more people and to ask whether their permission to sign up on your WordPress sites.

    You can say here about your content update with any new content. The most important matter is, if you can persuade your targeted visitors to collect their email addresses, it will be very easy for you to let them know whenever you post any new content.

    OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation tools which could make your problem sort out in a while. Use this tool, and catch more traffic for your WordPress site. 

    4) Upgrade Your Content

    Upgrade your content

    You need to upgrade your content to upgrade the quality as well as other updated info. Upgrading the content is the proven way to add more subscribers to any blog site. 

    What you can do is you can lock some of your popular content, so that when you upgrade those, only the subscriber or the member can get access once you upgrade those. 

    To lock any of your popular posts you can use OptinMonster, Content Locker. Using this tool will enable you to ask the visitors to sign up or become a member of your WordPress site if they want to reveal the hidden post. 

    5) Use Best WordPress Plugins to Increase Traffic

    Use best wordpress plugin

    Yes, you can use one WordPress Plugin to Increase Traffic on your WP sites. A number of popular and capable WordPress Plugins are available nowadays. Each of these plugins will help sites to get your website noticed on search engine platforms (usually on get noticed on google).

    This plugin helps to properly optimize the SEO of your content so that it could defeat others with the same keyword on google and can rank your one on first. Some other performances of these plugins are-

    • SEO optimization (you can read our article for more clarification about How To Optimize WordPress Site Speed – The Complete Anatomy; it will help you to draw more visitors as well)
    • Social Media Sharing
    • Enhanced page performance
    • Proper contract management

    In a word, a perfect plugin can help you to catch more visitors in a short time. However, Some WordPress traffic generator plugins are-

    • HubSpot WordPress Plugin
    • Yoast SEO
    • Hummingbird Pro
    • Monarch
    • Bloom
    • OptinMonster
    • All-In-One SEO
    • Revive Old Posts
    • WP Notification Bars
    • WPtouch
    • Quick Page/Post Redirect
    • Multi Rating
    • XML Sitemaps
    • LinkPatrol
    • Inline Related Posts
    • TaxoPress
    • W3 Total Cache

    Thankfully we have covered another article on 10 Initial Plugins for WordPress Website You Must Have; Read this article, you will know in detail about the 10 best plugins best for beginners. 

    6) Choose the perfect Keywords

    Choosing the perfect keyword is one of the major ways to increase the number of followers on your WordPress sites. If you ask the question, how to get my website noticed on google? Then my suggestion is to choose the perfect keyword with a larger search volume. 

    If you choose such a keyword for which people never ask on google, how will google inform others about your post? You can use an SEO plugin like All in One SEO. This plugin will help you to –

    • Catch perfect keyword
    • Optimize your post before you post it on your WP site
    • Automatically auditing your all post to fix any SEO optimization issues

    Choosing the perfect keyword plus proper optimization both on-page and off-page of your site-so you need nothing else besides these things. We have covered some tips on SEO optimization on our content WordPress SEO tips – Most Effective Tips For Beginners. 

    7) Use Appropriate Tags

    Using appropriate and proper tags is another awesome way to increase the number of readers on WordPress.com. Also do not forget to add appropriate categories to get the best result. 

    Here is one thing to keep in mind. Do not add too many tags or categories to get more visitors within a while. SEO personnel suggests less than 15 tags or categories for one post. Using more tags will spoil your whole SEO intentions. 

    8) Focus on others blogs and comments

    You should try to spread your site link or content link on others’ blogs or comments. Select some popular blogs and sites, with google authority. Take part in every possible comment section of all popular posts of your favorite site. 

    This will create a broader chance to share your post or site link to a big community. Taking part in others’ comments or blogs opens a greater chance for effective online conversations. 

    9) Bug your Friends, Relatives, and Colleagues

    Try your level best to encourage all people around your circle to read your post and to share it on their social platform. If possible, discuss with them directly, call over the phone and inform them about your new post or site. 

    The better thing is- a little number of people are good when they care for you compared with a huge number of people who never think even a second for you. So give special attention to your friends, relatives, colleagues and obviously to your family members. 

    10) Share your content on social networks

    Share content on social media

    Share your site link, or post the link on every of the social network sites you have. It has already been proven a thousand times, WP site owners/bloggers who are active on various social media and share his/her site link on social networks help directly to enhance followers or subscribers on his or her blog site.

    Sometimes it may take a long time to rank your content on google. So instead of waiting for google ranking, you can directly share your content link on social networks like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, and others to get a quick response from more visitors. 

    One thing to keep in mind, nowadays people spend significant time regularly on social platforms. So if you have more followers on your network, and if you share your site link, a few of your followers (from your social network) certainly will follow your site as well. So keep it up.

    FAQ of How to Get Followers on WordPress

    Final Verdict

    There is no shortage of content on any topic on the internet. More than crores of websites are producing quality content every day. (Here is our article focusing details on How Many Websites in the World: Updated estimation of 2021).

    So if you do not know some tricks and tips about pulling more visitors to your site, it would be nearly impossible to do content business successfully. 

    Hope you understand what we are trying to explain. Follow our today’s session, and know 10 ways to get more followers on WordPress sites. If you think we have missed anything important, please do not hesitate to knock us on our comment box.

    That’s all for today,

    Thank you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    FAQ-1: How to start a blog and get followers?

    Answer:  Make a perfect WordPress site, and start to write your content here. To increase the number of followers on your site, post quality content frequently updates all content on time, focus on SEO, and share your content as much as possible. Also, build links on others’ comments or blog sites.

    FAQ-2: How do I get my website noticed on google?

    Answer: How to get my website noticed on google and how to get WordPress followers is interlinked with each other. However, At first target with a perfect keyword with an eye-catching headline. And then make all things easy for google crawl. Post more quality content. Add your site to online directories. Try to get Google verification. And finally, try to catch the post or site which is already seen by google. 

    FAQ-3: How do I get my website listed on search engines?

    Answer: You must know some official ways or tools to list your site on search engines. Some of that are-Submit via Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Submit your site to Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu. etc. So follow each of these listed processes, you will easily become able to list your website on search engines. 

    FAQ-4: How to use your website to get on the first page of Google?

    Answer: Write for humans! And write quality content, select perfect keywords with a beautiful headline. Focus on the location of your target visitors, also focus on their age, sex, and curiosity level for your posted content. Make your site mobile-friendly. Do proper SEO optimization and finally, update your content with any updated info.