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    Funny Questions for Facebook: Get Your Poll Question Ideas

    Last Update: 27 Nov, 2021

    Funny Questions for Facebook
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    According to Statista, Facebook is the most popular social media till 2021. This social media platform unveils its users’ global interaction and provides them with space and opportunity to earn better.

    Aside from the hallmark of making a fantabulous profit, the users of Facebook recognize it due to the scope of engaging community, sharing thoughts, interacting with each other, and featuring a virtual life for every individual.

    There are multiple user-friendly fun features on Facebook. If you scroll your Facebook Newsfeed, you will see a bulk of funny questions for Facebook. 

    You can share your thoughts, feelings about any issues, and upload pictures, memes all day around. You can also comment on the other’s posts. While doing fun or looking for ideas to get more engagement on your Facebook post, you should consider the thoughts of others. Once you find your community, you will get multiple ideas of engaging content/funny questions for Facebook to increase your interactions.

    Are You Posting the Right Status Updates?

    Posting the Right Status Updates

    It depends on the individual how and what they post on their timeline. People often like to share posts about their personal lives, whereas some don’t like sharing their lives. They find it boring when others post what they are doing, feeling, posting check-ins, and such kinds of stuff.

    If you want more interaction on your post, you may need to bring a little change. How?

    Asking poll questions can be interesting. Through questions to your friends/audience, what their opinions are on particular things. You will get more engagement on your questions than your previous posts on Facebook.

    Thus you will come across three types of audience:

    • People who like to talk about themselves
    • People who want to express their opinions
    • People who have the interest to engage in a familiar conversation

    Facebook poll questions and answers are instantly interactable as they need to be clicked only. Therefore, poll questions skyrocket the engagement of your audience.

    Funny Questions to Ask on Facebook

    Let me give you some quick hits to some popular poll question categories. These categories will help you, like other millions of users, to generate new ideas.

    Poll Question Categories:

    • Funny Questions
    • Would You Rather
    • Your Favorite
    • This Or That Poll
    • Random Questions
    • Get To Know Me Questions
    • Do You Want To
    • Instagram Polls
    • Facebook Polls
    • Poll Quizzes

    You can use these polls not only for Facebook but additionally other social media platforms, including Instagram. Before jumping on the ideas, I would like to share something with you. If you’re about to start an online business, you need to know about the best website builder and hosting. The linked guide will help you to trade your small business in an organized way.

    Funny Poll Questions For Facebook

    Popular Poll Questions

    Doing fun is a part of our life. It changes our mode and brings us out of a monotonous life. Why not create a fun environment on your Facebook timeline? Your friends and followers will engage more than they did on your previous posts.

    Here are glimpses of the funny questions for Facebook:

    1. What sport would you love to watch if the players would be drunk?

    A) Basketball B) Soccer C) Baseball D) Rugby

    2. Which would be the rudest animal if they could talk? Why?

    A) Bear B) Bunny C) Fox D) Snake

    3. Have you ever answered a poll question randomly?

    A) Yes B) No C) Icecream

    4. Are you focused?

    A) Look a butterfly B) Could be better C) Very

    5. What would you like to do- sneeze for an hour or have hiccups?

    A) Sneeze B) Hiccups

    6. Whom do you like to see would run for President? Why?

    A) The Rock B) Snoop Dogg C) Kevin Hart

    7. If you were a dog, which one would you be?

    A) Chinese Crested B) Dachshund C) Neapolitan Mastiff D) Bergamasco

    Your Favorite

    Sometimes you can trigger your friends or audiences by asking them about their favorite things. For example:

    1. What is your favorite travel destination?

    Tropical place B) Mountains C) Lake

    2. What is your favorite holiday?

    A) Christmas B) Thanksgiving C) 4th of July

    3. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

    A) Lemon B) Chocolate C) Strawberry D) Vanilla

    4. What is your favorite Social Media platform?

    A) Facebook B) Instagram C) Twitter

    This or That Poll

    This or That Poll questions are also interesting to engage your community. Here are some questions for you:

    1. What do you love more?

    A) Coffee B) Tea

    2. Where would you love to live?

    A) City B) Countryside

    3. Are you a –

    A) Dog person B) Cat person

    4. What do you prefer to watch?

    A) YouTube B) Netflix

    5. What do you love more?

    A) Cardio B) Weights

    Random Poll Questions

    You can throw the following questions randomly to your audiences.

    1. What is your must-have summer makeup item?

    A) Bronzer B) Mascara C) BB cream

    2. What will you do this weekend?

    A) Rest B) Work C) I do not know

    3. If you could have one, who would you like to choose?

    A) Maid B) Personal Chef C) Nanny

    4. How do you like your coffee?

    A) Black B) With sugar C) With milk

    5. How do you sleep?

    A) Stomach B) Back C) Side

    6. What do you like doing the most?

    A) Shopping B) Dancing C) Swimming D) Camping

    7. Which season do you love most? Why?

    A) Fall B) Summer C) Winter D) All Seasons

    Would You Rather

    1. Would you rather see?

    A) Your future B) Someone else’s future

    2. Would you rather:

    A) Be free B) Be safe

    3. Would you rather:

    A) Be invisible B) Fly C) Read minds

    4. Would you rather speak:

    A) 5 languages B) To animals

    5. Would you rather have a:

    A) Golden voice B) Silver tongue

    6. Would you rather get:

    A) $1M right now B) $10,000/month

    Get to Know Me Poll

    1. What is my favorite movie?

    A) Bridesmaids B) P.s. I love you C) John Wick

    2. Where do I love to go more?

    A) Beach B) Mountains C) Lake

    3. Am I a:

    A) Spender B) Saver

    4. Which Social Media platform do I use most?

    A) Facebook B) Instagram C) Twitter

    5. Which of them are scarier to me?

    A) Wolfs B) Snakes C) Spiders 

    6. How old am I?

    A) 21 B) 31 C) 28 D) Too old

    7. What is my favorite type of book?

    A) Personal development B) Romance C) Adventure

    8. Which season do I prefer?

    A) All of them B) Fall C) Winter D) Spring

    Facebook Poll

    It would help if you could amplify polls on Facebook. When you see your engagement dropping, you should change your strategy and make things easier for your audience.

    Test these Facebook poll questions whether they engross interactions of your audience or not.

    1. Do you usually LIKE or LOVE Facebook posts?

    A) Like B) Love

    2. Do you enjoy taking poll questions?

    A) Love them! B) Sometimes

    3. What deal would you prefer to get?

    A) 15% OFF B) Free shipping

    4. Who would you like to do business with?

    A) GaryVee B) Jeff Bezos

    Bonus Tips for Social Media Engagement

    In conclusion, here are some bonus tips you can utilize to increase engagement on your post while asking funny questions for Facebook.

    • Create Appealing Mixed-up Posts
    • Research Who Your Audience is
    • Create Engaging Content 
    • Maintain Consistency While Posting

    Make Viral Content Graphics to Engage Your Audiences.

    Understanding your audience is the most salient part if you’re thinking about posting on a social media platform like Facebook. Your purpose can be anything like doing fun or social media marketing. In-depth research on these mentioned tips will help you to preoccupy the engagement of your audiences.

    There are millions of websites on the Internet like Facebook. To know more about How Many Websites in the World you can read this article.