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    Cheapest Web Hosting in 2021: According to Reddit

    Last Update: 27 Nov, 2021

    Cheapest Web Hosting Reddit
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    Several times we have seen on Reddit, people are asking for the cheapest web hosting nowadays. To meet the user demand, we have made a filtered list of the cheapest web hosting according to Reddit in 2021.

    So why should you go with our list?

    Because it will save you time, money and energy. As we have researched about the best hosting comes from each category, so we have made a filtered list in the following way –

    Let’s jump in –

    Cheapest Web Hosting according to Reddit 2021

    If you ask about the cheap web hosting Reddit, usually, it depends on your need and the purpose of the web hosting for your domain. You might already know various web hosting are available based on why you are going to use those hosting, like WordPress, E-commerce, sometimes even for country-based hosting.

    Before going into the main discussion. let’s take a look at a small preview of what I have filtered according to Reddit –

    Web HostingBest for?Price from
    BlueHostBest Budget or Cheap Hosting$2.75/month
    WPEngineBest Premium Hosting (High-End)$25
    HostGatorBest for beginners$4.95
    InmotionHostingBest Hosting for Web Developers$9.99 / month
    DreamHostBest For WordPress Hosting$4.95

    Best Budget Web Hosting 2021

    Best Budget Web Hosting

    We have figured Bluehost as the best cheap web hosting Reddit in our session today. This hosting has already got the recommendation for WordPress®. This awesome budget-friendly hosting never will depress you with any bad service. It features superb user-friendly support with many awesome plugins and other tools. 

    You just need one minute to launch your website with this website hosting. The good speed and security feature already satisfied more than 2 million website holders worldwide. It is just tailored with your demand, besides with this-the more you can enjoy from this hosting are –

    • Enhanced cPanel
    • Free Domain
    • Free SSL
    • Easy Step-by-step Set-Up Guide
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Easy To Use Tools
    • 24/7 WordPress Support
    • 1-Click WordPress Install
    • 1 year Free Domain Service

    BlueHost is simply an all-in-one platform to power your website, by which you can effectively meet your needs and desires. So one question most often we have to face is, why is BlueHost the cheapest web hosting Reddit?

    The reason is, this hosting offers lots of free features to its users. And using these features automatically will save your hosting costs.

    However, the only disadvantage that de-motivates some users to use Bluehost is-it has a little bit of a chance to get hacked. Also, we got some negative reviews about the downgraded quality support of this hosting. 

    Using their VPS can sort out these two issues, we think! And one more thing you can do is, visit their page very well and get all the reviews about them.

    Best WordPress Hosting According to Reddit

    Best WordPress Web Hosting

    DreamHost is the best WordPress Hosting according to Reddit. And that’s why more than 1.5 million users are using DreamHost to power run their WordPress sites.

    Here we are attaching some user reviews from Reddit users- each of these reviews will tell you how Dreamhost became the best among others power runner hosters today.

    Features that makes DreamHost best among others

    Shared Hosting PlansManaged WordPress Hosting PlansVPS Hosting PlansDedicated Server Hosting Plans
    Free Domain Name & Privacy ProtectionFREE Domain with Domain PrivacyUnlimited TrafficRAID 1 Storage
    Free SSL CertificateFREE SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate(s)Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)
    1-Click Instant WordPress Install1-Click Staging100% Uptime GuaranteeLocal MySQL Database Server
    WP Website BuilderBuilt-in CachingUnlimited Email @ Your DomainUbuntu
    Unlimited Bandwidth & StorageAutomated Daily Backups Unlimited SFTP Users 100% Network Uptime Guarantee 
    Advanced But Easy-to-Use Custom Control PanelOn-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore Reseller and Sub Account Features 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring 
    Automated BackupsEmail Accounts @ Your Domain  DDoS Protection 
    Fast SSD StorageWP Website Builder  Uncapped Bandwidth 
    100% Uptime GuaranteeSFTP, Shell Access, WP-CLI Local MySQL Server with Full Root Access 
    Free Website Transfer using Automated Migration Plugin30 Days Money-back Guarantee   
    24/7 Ticket Support
    Live Chat Support
    Phone Support Callbacks
    97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Total service of DreamHost at a Glance

    As I already saw several good reviews for DreamHost, so I researched a bit about this hosting. Another positive feedback of his hosting, which makes it is one of the cheapest web hosting Reddit are –

    • 24X7 customer support
    • Unlimited Data Storage with Unlimited Bandwidth (according to unlimited Policy term)
    • Unlimited Hosting sites
    • Offer whois privacy for the free domain
    • 100% uptime for each plan
    • 97-days money-back guarantee
    • 18%faster Page Loading time (than any hosters)

    So if you are willing to embrace such a hosting, which gives you an embrace of open source, commitment to security, 24/7 support (supported by any available option), 100% Uptime Guarantee DreamHost is the best option for users like you. 

    Besides this, DreamHost is directly related to WordPress, it has so many plugins with just one click installation facility.

    Moreover, the open-source technology it offers directly helps each customer for optimal service. DreamHost also offers so many hosting services like- Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting, etc. So customers can pick any suitable one from these variations according to their demand criteria. 

    So we tell you so many positive features and cons about DreamHost, are there any cons or disadvantages of this hosting? We also sorted the cons of this web hosting. These are –

    • Additional Charges for WordPress hosting
    • The Control panel is text-based
    • For live chat support, users usually face longer waiting times

    Best Web Hosting for SEO

    Best Web Hosting for SEO

    With a $25 price, WPEngine becomes one of the best premium hostings according to Reddit reviews. Only people associated with SEO know how the page speed impacts total WP activities. 

    Thankfully, WP Engine is one type of special hosting which is the best deal for site speed. Already several times I have heard people are positive; by talking about the quality SEO activity and site performance of WP ENgine on Reddit.

    Look below by yourself, what people are talking about this hosting –

    Yea, though few users are talking about the price of this hosting, if you want to spend on quality hosting for better site performance, obviously WP Engine is the best option. Wp Engine also is one of the cheapest web hosting Reddit in 2021. 

    Here are the overall services of this hosting are

    Features or characteristics which makes this hosting so cheapest web hosting Reddit

    • WP Engine Automated Migration
    • Staging Sites
    • Copy Site
    • Billing Transfer
    • Support from WordPress Experts
    • WordPress Core Patching
    • Managed Security
    • Immediate Disaster Recovery
    • Offsite Backups
    • GeoIP
    •  Information 24/7
    • 100+ Million Visitors
    • 10 premium themes
    • Free automated migrations
    • Daily backups
    • Free SSL and SSH 
    • One-click staging site

    Let’s discuss the reason why WPEngine is best for SEO. WPEngine has certain plugins which can make the SEO activity faster and easier. Each of these plugins contains every solution to make a WP site well optimized for on-page SEO. And each of these services is free within the starter cost.

    Best Web Hosting for Developers

    Best Web Hosting for Developers

    With two precise data centers in Los Angeles and Virginia, Washington, D.C, InMotion now has become very popular worldwide for the best web hosting for developers. This hosting already powers 300,000 domains with the most suitable transfers, support, and guaranteed action it has.

    InMotion is big, old, and reputed.

    The good things on InMotion are –

    • Good Speed (almost 389 ms)
    • Satisfactory Customer Support
    • 90-Days Money-Back Guarantee
    • Free Site Transfer
    • Great for eCommerce Support
    • Super Secure TDS system (Threat Defense System)
    • Integrations & Apps (WordPress, too)
    • Use advanced Outside Air Cooling technology in their data center
    • Reliable payment method (Credit Card, Check, Purchase Order.)
    • cPanel Control panel and Dashboard
    • One-click activation of all apps and CMSs  (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

    InMotion at a glance –

    InMotion is perfectly okay from all angles. Despite so many good things, we have also sorted out some cons of this hosting. These are –

    • Too Average Uptime
    • Low Advertised Pricing (Only 3 yrs sign up)
    • Their cheapest plan never offers any free domain name
    • No Automatic Data Store
    • Issues with free site restoration

    However, InMotion pricing and other details are as follows –

    InMotion pricing and other details are as follows

    How did InMotion become perfect for web developers? First of all the good service and the speed InMotion offers are perfect for all web developers. 

    With the plenty of offers it has, (both the shared or VPS plans), it is a good hosting for web developers. Besides this, it is also the cheapest web hosting Reddit which never forces you to fail with its service and functionalities. 

    Some reviews about InMotion are given as follows –

    reviews about InMotion 1
    reviews about InMotion 2

    Best Web Hosting for the Beginners

    Best Web Hosting for the Beginners 1.1

    A newbie WP developer or user always falls into the problem when they want to power their site using one best Web Hosting. Though some people believe in the trial and error process to become successful, this process could be more complex with an advanced level or haphazard Web Hosting.

    However, for the beginner, we have one solution. And HostGator is that solution. HostGator is one of the oldest hosting companies which still delivers almost  99.93% solid average uptime for more than the last 12 months.  See the user comments I got for HostGator –

    user comments about HostGator
    HostGator package plan

    The good things on HostGator Web hosting are –

    • Stable Uptime of 99.93%
    • Decent Load Time 734 ms
    • Full CPanel Support.
    • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • Site Security Features Available
    • Free Site & cPanel Migrations
    • Super friendly for the beginner
    • Easy and faster sign up procedure
    • Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    • Unlimited Bandwidth with Unlimited Disk Space
    • 45 Day Refund Policy
    • Fantastic Customer Service
    • Affordable Costing

    The beginner-friendly features and the good customer approach make HostGator obviously good. We appreciate this hosting not only for the beginner but also for the old user as well. 

    For the 99.9% guaranteed uptime, it becomes one of the most popular web hosting both for the newbie and the experienced one. 

    This hosting has a super combination of good pricing with a super interface via the cPanel. Moreover, it has multiple plans which will serve your purpose of hosting your web at your dedicated server. 

    If you are looking for cheaper but extremely quality web hosting for your web, nothing could be good like HostGator.

    Details on Free Web Hosting

    Details on Free Web Hosting

    The first and foremost question about a free Web Hosting service is, does it give a quality service? In 2021 what is the real scenario about free web hosting? How can you get the best from such hosting? However if you could arrange a static site, perhaps free web hosting can help you slowly.

    So what is a static site? Usually, this site contains no user-generated content. Usually, all sites, like this page or site, are also static. So how can you use free web hosting or what do you basically need for this?

    You need to use GitHub or Netlify to catch this service. How to do this?

    • Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to open a new page. (HTML theme is free for that).
    • Open a GitHub account 
    • Upload your page (to the repository)
    • Connect with the Netlify with your repository
    • Netlify will give you a free custom domain name and free SSL
    • As an alternative, you also can create your page with Jekyll and can connect it with your GitHub repository.
    • So you have to name the repository name as the user name, the remaining will be done automatically. GitHub will automatically create your website freely.

    So do all things seem very tough for you? Never treat all those things so difficult. Usually, all are a matter of trial and error. So just open an account with GitHub for totally free and upload your page here. You will get your website free.

    VPS Hosting according to Reddit

    VPS Hosting according to Reddit

    The below screenshot will tell you why Reddit chose Digital Ocean as the best for VPS Hosting.

    Digital Ocean is a nice hosting, which is easy to use and which has a good performance. With tons of options and features, this hosting can serve well for your server. 

    And interestingly for the web developer, we recommend this hosting as one of the on-the-go hostings to serve their purpose.

    Digital Ocean Reddit Comment 1
    Digital Ocean Reddit Comment 2
    Digital Ocean Reddit Comment 3

    So is there any downside to Digital Ocean hosting? The fact is there is no hosting, you will find zero complaints about this. So what did I do?

    I carefully observed all the negative companies about this hosting and also tried to find what solutions are written here.  

    One  DigitalOcean user was talking about the server of the Digital Ocean hosting, but in response to this complaint, another reply has come to change the site configuration.

    Using Reddit to Find Free Web Hosting

    Here follow the screenshot to find out which hosters are providing free web hosting –

    Using Reddit to Find Free Web Hosting 1
    Using Reddit to Find Free Web Hosting 2

    Details about Shared Hosting

    Shared Hosting

    Does shared hosting make you satisfied with its Web Hosting service? Usually, we suggest such hosting especially for the new bloggers or for the users who own a small website for their small business. But when many users use their site Quota, this hosting will be useless.  

    Only a few users could get the best action from the shared hosting. Due to the cheap properties, shared hosting became very popular through the newbie in the field of WordPress business.

    So only small sites with little traffic can go with such Web Hosting to share the Server Resources as well as other issues.

    Three advantages of shared hostings are –

    • They are affordable
    • Don’t ask any server configuration
    • User-friendly setting procedure

    We have made the 10 best Shared Hosting in 2021. Here is the list –

    See the screenshot about the top-rated Shared Hosting among these 10 –

    screenshot about the top-rated Shared Hosting

    However, the main features of all our listed Shared Hosting are- Some features may have ups and downs based on site to site. Be sure you have read all the service information on your targeted Shared Hosting once you make your mind to purchase it.

    • Bigger storage, like-10 GB storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Daily Backups
    • Free CDN Via Cloudflare 
    • Free Email at Own domain
    • Unlimited Databases

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Question 1: What is the cheapest web hosting on Reddit?

    Answer: The list is too long. However, we have selected the five among all those. The selected list is- Bluehost, WPEngine, HostGator, InmotionHosting, DreamHost, etc. Our selected list not only maintains the criteria for cheapest Web Hosting besides this, but it is also worthy to be the best Web Hosting from all perspectives. 

    Question 2: Can any cheap Web Hosting deliver quality service to all users?

    Answer: It depends on the website pattern and your business pattern how you can get quality service from cheap Web Hosting. All cheap Web Hosting is neither good nor all are too bad. For bigger websites and larger WordPress businesses, our recommendation is against the cheap option. However, still, cheap Web Hosting is delivering good service for a long time among a significant number of website owners. 

    Question 3: Which Web Hosting is preferable among the cheap or shared options?

    Answer:  Shared one if only a few users are using the shared option. And a cheap one, if you could find the perfect one which can deliver quality service for all times. 


    It is needless to describe how it is challenging to select the cheapest web hosting Reddit from the mess of so many options. And when it becomes the cheapest web hosting Reddit, it becomes tougher! 

    However, all we know is that Reddit is a perfect option to find any filtered list with possible best features and services. Reddit will give you a perfect list that is best forever, not for any certain time being.

    That’s everything according to my knowledge. If I missed anything, please give me a message.

    Thank you.