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    Core Level Organization Processes

    Last Update: 6 Mar, 2023

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    Mid level business procedures are usually associated with problems within a department that need simplification, task motorisation or string rearrangement. According to organization, mid-level problems may be linked to architecture issues or problems of coordination among departments and functional equipment.

    The process structure begins at the top with level 1 or level-zero processes that are common around multiple business functions. These processes, named value sequence processes, align inputs with outputs to produce preferred results.

    Level 2 functions derive from the same eTOM model, but are typically focused around more detailed business-mission-related tasks. Processes at this level can be split up into sub-processes and could also be along with a variety of tasks.

    Process improvement at this level involves identifying and reducing nonvalue-adding procedures or subprocesses and updating and customization those that are still valuable. This helps boost efficiency and effectiveness, and aligning processes to the company’s goals and strategies.

    A good way to implement process control is to set a team effort that includes each of the key players involved in the project. This ensures that the process is done correctly the 1st time and will offer the consistent and efficiency benefits that a BPM tool can offer.

    Create a high-level process map to talk to leadership and stakeholders who have don’t need a deep comprehension of how the process functions. The map should include a specific picture within the steps active in the process, plus the external and internal buyers who receive the result.